In solving problems for our clients, we have developed expertise in a number of technologies that could be of interest to your organization! Our clients have presented problems for us to solve from the obvious, .. to the not so obvious:

Cloud Services

Network Integration


Product Development


Cloud Services

Critical technologies

Many organizations have spend many years and many hundreds of hours building custom solutions to manage business processes. Unfortunately, the technology on which these solutions are based develops vulnerabilities over time, as well as dependence on aging hardware and operating systems.

We can assist in migrating existing systems TO new hardware and operating systems, taking advantage of that investment instead of throwing it away and reinventing the wheel with a much more expensive commercial provider.

Technology Scaling

One of the biggest advantages to current Cloud technologies is the ability to scale from a single instance to tens, hundreds, or thousands; this is done automatically using services that many cloud providers make available.

There is an option, however: Open Source tools like Kubernetes allows creating of a compute cluster InHouse, avoiding the monthly recurrent cost required for a cloud provider!

Cluster Computing

The most important aspect of this new technology landscape is that availability of low cost, easily scalable hardware to make Cluster Computing a viable solution for the SMB/SME organization.

In fact, Omnitec has transitioned our own server rackto a 32 node Raspberry Pi cluster, hosted internally in our server room!

DNS, Email (front end servers [MTAs] as well as user email servers [MUAs]), web services, as well as our own business management tools are hosting on a cluster managed by Kubernetes. For security, we use VLAN technology to allow external connections where required, yet still running all of our internal connectivity on a private LAN.


Network Integration


One of the most important issues facing organizations today is how to keep information secure.

Threats such as Phising, Malware, Ransomware, and many others seek out and attack vulnerable systems, especially Microsoft.

We can assit in protecting required Windows infrastructure, but we can also offer a compelling option:

  • Mitigate risks by removing externally accessible Windows Servers
  • Move those workloads to Internal [Private] Cloud infrastructure
  • Use the best software available, software used BY cloud providers - Open Source.
  • Build that Private Cloud On Premesis (if appropriate), and avoid the five figure annual cost required to host on a public service such as AWS or Google
Connectivity Many legacy systems utilize
Novell and UNIX Many legacy systems utilize
Remote Networking Are there remote users that should have assess to the main systems? Remote offices? How about no incremental cost for a connection?


Product Development

ITEN Mentoring

One exciting aspect of our new technology landscape is the Startup Community here in St. Louis. At the forefront of this scene is the Information Technology Entrepreneurs Network, ITEN (

We have been providing Technology support to startups with ITEN for almost ten years, with some great success stories!


Imaging reproducing a 1000 page product manual for $.50 a copy for quantity 1000, or $2.50 for quantity 10! Hundreds of megabytes of information can be replicated for comical rates, if the job is done correctly.

Custom /
Embedded Devices

Creating that special, one-of-a-kind devices is a specialty that we provide for many clients - some applications are just beyond the typical purchased computer system. Sometimes called Embedded Systems, we use current low-cost, high-performance components like the Raspberry Pi (a $35 computer the size of a credit card), along with our lab facilities, 3D printers for cases and brackets, and our 3D router/laser.