Lambert On The

Minutes of the Court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck 1657-1660

translated and edited by A.J.F. Van Laer, Vol.2, Albany, 1923: Page 209-210:

"Extraordinary Session held in Fort Orange,
August 8 Anno 1659

"Instructions issued by the honorable commissary and magistrates of Fort Orange and the village of Beverwyck for the rattle watch, appointed at the request of the burghers to relieve them of night-watch duty; to the rattle watch of which place Lambert van Valckenborgh and Pieter Winnen were appointed the 6th of July of this year 1659, on condition that they together are to receive for the term of one year one thousand and one hundred guilders in seawan and one hundred guilders in beavers.

"Which instructions the aforesaid rattle watch shall swear to observe. Actum in Fort Orange, the 3d of September Anno 1659."

Thanks to Ron Hinckley for his generousity in sending this data on ancestor Lambert Jochemse Van Valkenburg!


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