We specialize in providing expertise in specific technologies that complement typical business technology environments, most of which are related to networking and connectivity. For example, we can build secure remote networks using VPN (Virtual Private Networking) technology to connect multiple offices and remote users.

We can also support technology environments of almost any vintage! We have multiple clients using ancient CentOS 5.11 and antique PHP versions in the early 5.nn, .. we can also provide support and upgrade options for that 25 year old SCO server that has been running in the back room by upgrading to a current Linux system using an updated version of Business Basic!

Our System Integration services - the process of identifying each component of the technology puzzle, ensuring that new components (hardware and software) fit in the existing environment. Our SI experience ensures that our clients full consideration of current investments, while providing the best alternatives to leverage those investments with new applications and environments.

Please take a moment to tell us what might might be of interest.

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